An1mage Journal Studi Kultural biannually, published every January and July each year, send your manuscript before 25th December or before 25th Juni every year. (AJSK ISSN: 2477-3492). Call for papers. AJSK is in an Open Access System.  Submit your critical research report in revealing myths, fighting for the weak, and the marginalized one against the oppressor. The majority is not always strong, the minority is not always weak and marginalized. Let's build Earth civilization with a critical mind, a creative mind, a strong analysis, and a great mind to be equal.

AJSK scope in social sciences such as economics, politics, communications, policy, psychology, philosophy, culture, art, entertainment, and technology. AJSK is not only for social science but also for the exact science because inexact science there is also a construction of myths that must be dismantled (deconstruction) from another perspective and more critical. The exact sciences are neither dogma nor religion, exact sciences continue to thrive on new discoveries. The submission fee includes a publication fee of 1 million rupiahs, the transfer is made after the manuscript is accepted only.



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